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Summerfolk happens at Kelso Beach at Nawash Park on the shores of Georgian Bay. These will keep you comfortable at all times

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Summerfolk Wine Glasses

Enjoy a glass of your favourite wine in a Summerfolk glass. Perfect for backyard gatherings (BPA Free)

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"Three Days in August" by Kate Walsh

Learn about the origins of the festival and how it grew. Includes images of the early festivals

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Summerfolk Ball Caps

Keep the sun off your face in style

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The Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival happens annually on the 3rd weekend in August

  • Mose Scarlett

    Amphitheatre stage Summerfolk 35 / 2010

  • Delhi 2 Dublin

    Down by the Bay stage Summerfolk 40 / 2015

  • Steve Poltz

    Amphetheatre stage Summerfolk 40 / 2015

  • My Son the Hurricane

    Down by the Bay stage Summerfolk 44 / 2019